How We Think

We’ve been inside a lot of companies, a lot of teams.
We’ve seen what wins. We’ve felt it. We’ve lived it.

What wins is the team that thinks like David and walks like Goliath.

The team that always digs where the others don’t, that lives and breathes the fundamentals but never stops hungering, never stops challenging.

And isn’t afraid to toss a hand grenade or two.

And never gets complacent.

In other words, we believe the team that wins is the team that has the fire.

And setting fires is what we do.

A team with fire and passion is the shortest distance between two points: same-old –same-old…and success.

So we’re passionate about embedding the fundamentals while wrapping them in inspiration. And motivating all levels of a company to dig deeper and reach higher by bringing them experiential learning that comes with a track record, a pedigree and a guarantee that it will elevate both the quality and quantity of individual or team productivity; from juniors and mid-rangers to occupants of the C-Suite. And not after weeks or even months….but tomorrow.

For example, we believe that leadership takes the usual trifecta of knowledge, talent and vision. But in equal measure, it takes a firm hand… and an open heart.

We believe that getting to a strategy is a fantastic, crazy treasure hunt… to find what’s often hidden in plain sight.

We believe that innovating is a team sport, and that, with the right process and tools, a great idea can come from anywhere. We’ve seen the link between true collaboration and true ROI.

We’ve spent a career walking your path in agencies and in client companies. We’ve had our share of big splashy wins and shiny awards – and found that it’s the crushing defeats where the hard lessons reside and we’ve paid attention even as we brushed ourselves off, only to light the fire again.

And the passion has never waned.

Right, we’re not the usual suspects.