We consult. We coach. We train.
But not like the usual suspects.


We provide you with clear thinking honed into the strategic and tactical weapons your team needs to support you in your mission–and that you need to keep your mission on track. And we provide broader context beyond your all-consuming day-to-day imperatives. Everyone could use a hand-up to get a fresh perspective and a bigger view, especially in these crushing times.


Solutions are finely tuned to help companies and company leaders make and execute choices about where and how to grow their business; to guide them through developing a mission-specific blueprint for success that clearly identifies goal/mission, objectives, timelines, accountability, organizational alignment and capability as well as prompting individually-dictated strategies arrived-at collaboratively.

  • Coaching/Facilitating Teams

  • Leadership: Setting Objectives/Getting to Goals
  • Jumping on the ‘Change Train’
  • Embracing Collaborative Ideation
  • Facilitating Company Mandates

  • Designing Off Sites
  • Consulting/Coaching: from Senior Executives to CEOs

  • “Joan made the presentation feel less like training and more like a conversation, filled with insights. Thanks for the great day!” —GJP
  • “Fantastic day and great training! Perhaps the most relevant training I’ve had that will have a great impact on my job.” —Mattel
  • “It was most valuable to leave the course with a clearly proclaimed goal and objectives to implement them to achieve it.” —DDB
  • “Especially enjoyed the case studies and dissecting language – great choice of materials for discussion.” —Cossette