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Collaborative Ideation

Based on the Principles of the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI)

Who it’s for Anyone, agency-wide, whose job it is to come-up with or judge ideas and innovations.
DURATION 1 and a half days
SIZE up to 25 people

“Ideas aren’t precious. We’re all creative.”
—Alex Bogusky

The method behind Collaborative Ideation has proved over and over again to achieve the impossible, by optimizing both creativity and efficiency.

This acclaimed system will arm your team with supercharged ideation power- to put you out in front of the competition – and a process that makes every ideation occasion efficient to the point that it will save you time, resources and money.

This approach, in a day-and-a-half, will literally change the way your team approaches every opportunity, objective, challenge – in fact, problems from the highest level of your business – to sticky day-to-day situations. In this workshop, Ideation isn’t just about brainstorming, it’s a methodology that goes much deeper, much wider and then closes the loop, as traditional brainstorming can’t.

We’re in a time when both the demand and the opportunity for innovative, breakthrough ideas keeps growing and expanding with no end in sight – and staying competitive hangs in the balance. What isn’t expanding is the reality of limited resources and pressing deadlines. And while a more open and inclusive approach to ideating sounds great hypothetically, traditional brainstorming can tie up too many people for too long a time for too unreliable an outcome.

Adopting this process for projects large and small will have your team aiming for big dazzling ideas and innovations – with the confidence that regardless of how far-reaching and sparkly the ideas, they remain rooted in relevance and do-ability.

What is Collaborative Ideation? This workshop will take participants through a stem to stern process that brings simple but sophisticated techniques to each of the three key parts of high-yield ideation and creative problem solving. From a true investigation of the ‘objective’ to explosive, energizing brainstorming techniques to refining, exploring and testing of ideas – this legendary process, rich with proven ingredients, consistently delivers big, brave, wide ranging, relevant ideas from your team – regardless of their role in the agency or at the client company.

And as a bonus, participants of this workshop get actual hands-on experience of the power of collaboration: not only in bringing together departments/disciplines within the agency, but in providing a comfort-zone for true collaboration between agency and client.

The Outcome. Every agency/client who’ve experienced the day-and-a-half workshop and facilitation, report that applying the Collaborative Ideation process reaps tangible benefits in every project: Bigger ideas. Better client relationships (leading to easier buy-in). And huge efficiencies throughout.

This workshop will give your team powerful new insights and techniques to recognize, develop and deliver resonant ideas that aim right and stick.

About the Workshop

The first step to great ideation is to unlock those mind-blocks in the human brain that are imprinted to resist the free-flow of ideas – that reptile instinct that would have us ‘freeze or flee’ from new concepts. This process will provide the tools to override those arcane barriers and up-shift our brains to where they are free and fertile.

Next we’ll help participants understand their unique contribution to the ideation process and how to tap into it: developing, expanding, funneling, then testing and applying ideas. Techniques will include; controlling the ‘Triune Brain,’ ‘Deferring Judgment,’ ‘Rules & Roles,’ ‘Divergence/Convergence,’ ‘Brain Writing’, ‘Forced Connections,’ and our own proprietary idea filter: AXIS™.

Not only will Collaborative Ideation harness your team’s creative power, but at the end of a day-and-a half they will have marched step by step through the process, and then put it to work solving a real-world creative challenge.

Participants won’t just walk away with a handful of ideas, they’ll leave with a series of solutions, tested and organized and virtually ready to deploy. And they’ll leave with an understanding of the original tried-and-tested CPS process – along with a deeper confidence in the unique abilities they can bring to it along with a new-found passion for the treasure-hunt of innovating – as well as the far-reaching benefits of true collaboration.

Workshop Content Includes

  • Understanding and harnessing your brain power
  • Discovering your own ideation style and how you best contribute
  • The complete Creative Problem Solving process
  • How to be sure you’re starting with the true objective
  • How to be a guerilla brainstormer
  • How to filter, strengthen, bullet-proof ideas through the magic AXIS™ tool
  • How to wrangle a big idea into a clear action plan
  • How to take the process and scale it up or down – how to apply just one or two sections when appropriate.
  • How it works with groups, with 2-person teams or even alone.
  • Workshop includes follow-up and leave-behind