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Creative Leadership

Who it’s for Up and coming leaders, employees already managing but are seeking to further understand the fundaments.
Duration 1 day
Size Up to 15 participants

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
— Ralph Nader

Leadership is not about a role – it’s a mindset and a skill set.

Driving an agency’s bottom line at a time where change has become the norm and staying competitive is job #1 requires leadership at all levels of the organization and across all specialties: from Creative to Project Management, from Planning to Digital. Companies that grow and prosper inevitably have strong leadership well beyond the C-Suite.

Today’s crowded and competitive environment demands a new kind of leader –one whose skills range from catalyst to team builder to visionary – to snake charmer. These are leaders who know their individual strengths and challenges – and know, too, the right people to surround themselves with.

In this workshop, participants will learn their own specific leadership styles and how to optimize them; both in themselves and in creating a holistic team with leadership in all key areas.

Participants will learn what it takes to be leaders by walking in their shoes, understanding their strategies and tactics, and solving their problems. They will learn what it takes to inspire and mentor – and the pitfalls to avoid. They will employ proven strategies to manage and nurture talent. And acquire the skill it takes to forge a team that won’t settle for less than mind-blowing work.

About the Workshop

Advertising Leadership is designed to explore participants’ own authentic leadership capability – in both those with management experience as well as up-and-comers – from Account to Media to Creative agency members.

The workshop will systematically take participants through the ropes – first the thinking, then the actions, of building leadership skills. It will present industry leaders, brought to life through personal video presentations, portraying their own real-life leadership challenges – followed by exercises where participants solve them and compare their results to the experts’. From learning to set effective goals and objectives to scripting your inner voice to assuming the techniques required to take command of industry issues, this workshop will arm everyone who attends with the tools to innovate, lead, and leverage opportunities to maximize their own futures as well as their that of their agency’s.

Workshop Content Includes

  • Discovering your authentic leadership style – leading from your strengths, understanding your weaknesses
  • 3 things that if you do right, you can do everything else wrong
  • Emotional Intelligence – what it’s really about
  • Solving real world leadership issues
  • Developing and communicating your unique vision and how to embed it in your team
  • Defining goals and objectives; creating your own personal plan with new tools
  • Techniques to regularly track and ensure progress
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of inspiring and managing your team
  • What your peers and partners owe you; what you owe them
  • The 3 most common pitfalls of advertising leaders
  • Your personal brand and why it matters
  • Workshop includes follow-up and leave-behind